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YEAR 2014

Electronic controls and 10 kHz welding transformers.

YEAR 2013

Development of pneumohydraulic-drive cylinders.

YEAR 2012

Implementation of Lean Production System in the Zona Franca production facilities in Barcelona.

YEAR 2008

Aeronautics company Aernnova acquired 100% of the shares of the Serra Group.

YEAR 2000

Introduction of 1000 Hz Medium Frequency electronic controls in the complete range of resistance welding.

YEAR 1999

Creation of the Serra Aeronautics Division, which aims to provide automation solutions for the aerospace sector.

YEAR 1997

Manufacture of the first units of robotic welding pincers.

YEAR 90s

Consolidation of international expansion with the creation of subsidiaries in France, Portugal and Brazil, as well as an extensive network of representatives in all five continents.

YEAR 80s

Design and manufacture of the first large automated lines. First international contracts.

YEAR 1972

Serra Soldadura S.A. is created as a holding company of the Serra Group, consisting of various companies engaged in engineering and process automation.

YEAR 1942

Aplicaciones Eléctricas Serra, specializing in the design and manufacture of both standard and special resistance and arc welding machines, is founded.

YEAR 1934

The Serra family started production of arc welding equipment and industrial furnaces in a small workshop in Barcelona.